About the

American Women's Club in Liechtenstein: 


Who we are

We are a group of fluent English speaking women who are US Citizens, who have lived in the USA or who have close ties to the USA and reside in Liechtenstein or the surrounding regions in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Our purpose

The purpose of the American Women's Club in Liechtenstein is to: (1) bring together women with strong ties to the USA who are now living in Liechtenstein and the neighboring regions of Switzerland and Austria. (2) further these women's companionship and promote their mutual interests. (3) enhance the appreciation and understanding of Liechtenstein and its neighboring countries' cultures, and to encourage mutual interests among USA citizens and regional residents.

See our 'photo gallery' for the recent article about our AWC in Liechtenstein, featured in FAWCO's "Inspiring Women" summer 2017 magazine.

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