Our Services

We have fun and creative members, below you will find just a few of the services they offer through their personal businesses.


Beth Wimmer sings professionally and performs all around Switzerland, Vorarlberg AT, Italy, and Germany!



Vicki has an insightful and entertaining online Blog, with advice and anecdotes about integrating into a new country and culture.  www.antebellumswiss.ch


Vicki also has a wonderful, relaxed and hip bar and lounge in Buchs, SG. www.reflex-bar.ch


Susan is a wonderful (and gentle) dental hygienist, working in Altstätten at Zahnarzt praxis Dähnhardt.  www.daehnhardt.ch


For beautiful, cozy, high-quality Italian cashmere sweaters, shawls, gloves and more, contact Emanuela:


Beth S promotes relaxation and getting back to nature with her Travel Hammock Company called Hoi Outdoor: www.hoioutdoor.com

Maria Huarte is a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga instructor and teaches at Querbeet, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Maria can be reached at mem07093@hotmail.com


The American Women's Club in Liechtenstein supports the following , hard-working charities:

Saving children in Nepal - www.nagnepal.org

Swiss-based aid for Africa - www.jam-schweiz.org

Hands-on help for the poor, sick and suffering worldwide - www.isohimpact.org


“The American Women's Club in Liechtenstein has become a treasured source of friendship, support and camaraderie for me. I lived in Switzerland for 5 years before I met these women, so I'd felt fairly integrated in the Swiss culture and customs. But finding these friends, these powerful, caring women and the awesome activities they plan has truly enhanced my life with FUN, living here abroad. The laughter and the common ground of being American has been priceless!”

-Beth Wimmer, singer-songwriter, originally from California, USA.

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