Board and Members

L to R: Maria is our FAWCO rep, Sara is our President, Julie is our Secretary, Emanuela is our Treasurer, Kathrin is our Website Editor, Tonya is our Vice President

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Mini Photo Gallery: 

1. White Elephant Gift Exchange 2017

2. Susan and Marilyn.

3. Emanuela and Ursina at the Marilyn Monroe museum exhibit in Vaduz, FL.

4.: Beth W playing some Christmas songs at our party in December 2016.

remaining photos... all of us in the past few years. 


“The American Women's Club in Liechtenstein has become a treasured source of friendship, support and camaraderie for me. I lived in Switzerland for 5 years before I met these women, so I'd felt fairly integrated in the Swiss culture and customs. But finding these friends, these powerful, caring women and the awesome activities they plan has truly enhanced my life with FUN, living here abroad. The laughter and the common ground of being American has been priceless!”

-Beth Wimmer, singer-songwriter, originally from California, USA.

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