What our membership Includes

Membership in the American Women’s Club in Liechtenstein (AWC-FL) includes 

  1. access to our year round events & activities,

  2. access to our member’s wealth of experience integrating & living in the Liechtenstein region, 

  3. a voice and voting rights in Club debates and decisions brought to our members, 

  4. a free meal at our annual General Meeting Luncheon,

  5. and access to our integration and member support programs. 

  6. Members also receive a monthly email with updates regarding the club, upcoming events, the board activities, short-term help the club is looking for and information regarding our local area. 


Who is eligible

Regular Memberships are available to Women who are fluent in English and

  • Women who are citizens of the USA, or

  • Wives or significant others of citizens of the USA, or

  • Women who were citizens of the USA


Associate Membership: Same Dues & Voting rights as a Regular Membership, but there are a Limited Number of Associate Memberships available.

Associate Memberships are for Women who do not qualify for Regular Membership but who are fluent in English

  • and have strong ties to the USA by specifically having lived or been educated in the U.S. (minimum of 18 months), or

  • Women who have immediate family ties to U.S. citizens such as mothers or daughters of U.S. citizens, or

  • Women who are citizens of North America.

Guest or Temporary Membership: Dues and voting rights are waived

  • Women who are fluent in English, are eligible for Membership, and who are living in our area for only 6 months or less.